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Your search for the best electrical contractors and LED lighting company who can do video surveillance installation, TV mounting, and network cabling installation services ends here!

Advanced Wiring Solutions provides cutting edge electrical wiring, LED lighting installation, network cabling, video surveillance installation, and even TV mounting services to customers in and around Alton, IL. We serve clients and customers in the following areas and nearby vicinity:

  • Alton
  • Florence
  • Granite City
  • Springfield
  • Edwardsville
  • Belleville
  • Bunker Hills

We tailor-fit our services to your needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all kind of service when it comes to the services we provide. It doesn’t matter if you hire us for LED lighting installation or network cabling service. We can do the job better than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing video surveillance installation or TV mounting. We’re the best people to do it for you. As your electrical contractor, we promise you a consistently high quality of service and workmanship.

We only employ licensed and duly certified electricians and master electricians. You can be sure that whatever electrical wirings and installations we provide as your electrical contractor are guaranteed 100% safe and secure.

We use the latest technology in electrical wiring, LED lighting installation, network cabling, video surveillance installations, and even TV mounting services. We never compromise on quality. In fact, we aim to be the industry standard in electrical contracting services. And we believe we’re succeeding in this goal.

Video Surveillance Installation Services

In recent years, the demand for installation of closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and video surveillance equipment has become greater and greater. This is true not only for commercial and industrial purposes but also for residential uses.

As electrical contractors, we don’t just provide electrical wiring services. We also provide cutting edge video surveillance installation services such as CCTV cameras, monitoring consoles, and surveillance video storage solutions. We use an advanced method of pinpointing optimum camera placement for maximum coverage and monitoring. Even with a limited number of camera units, we can set up surveillance with limited blindspots.

We also offer a vast selection of the top video surveillance equipment brands. We make sure that our high-quality service is matched by high-quality products and equipment. You see, we don’t only secure your place of residence and business – we also secure your investment. How’s that for an all-in-one electrical contractor?

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Advanced Wiring Solutions

We use the latest technology in electrical wiring, LED lighting installation, network cabling, video surveillance and TV mounting services. 

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LED Lighting Installation Companies

Modern buildings and homes are now moving away with traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights and towards LED lighting. And for good reason. LED lighting is up to 60% brighter than incandescent and fluorescent lighting, but uses up to 70% less electricity. They also don’t heat up as much so they last up to 80% longer than traditional lighting. No wonder LED lighting installation companies are becoming in-demand by the minute.

But of all the LED lighting companies this side of Illinois, Advanced Wiring Solutions offers the most cost-effective LED lighting installation service by far.

We can say this because our LED lighting installation is done by actual electrical contractors. That means, your LED lights will not be installed by just any installer – it’s going to be set up by actual electrical experts who know best how to optimize it as far as illumination and power consumption are concerned. So when it comes to LED lighting installation companies, look no further than Advanced Wiring Solutions.

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Network Cabling Services Near Me

Nothing defeats a good interior design than misplaced cables and wirings. Whether these are electrical wires or network cables for phone, internet or cable TV access, unmanaged wiring is not only an eyesore but potentially dangerous too. Not to mention being a huge pain when it comes to repair and maintenance work.

That’s why, aside from electrical wiring and surveillance system installation, Advanced Wiring Solutions also provides efficient network cabling service for your home and office. We use our ultra-efficient cable management techniques and take full advantage of all available technologies to get the job done. We’re able to efficiently run network cables and wirings across any number of offices and rooms so you’ll never see a single misplaced wire. You see, when we say we’re your one-stop-shop electrical contractor, we mean it. And the range of our services provided is proof of that.


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TV Mounting Service

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, TVs are getting wider and wider, yet getting thinner and thinner. Not only that, right now we have the ultra-wide screen, curved-screen, and even folding screen TVs. Most consumers need professional help to mount and set up these modern pieces of equipment properly. We even have TVs that can be hooked up to the internet! Getting TV’s up and running is no longer plug-and-play for most people. And that is why TV mounting is part of our electrical contractor services.

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We can set up any kind of TV in any kind of space. Multiple TVs in your house? Done. You want TVs installed and mounted in your office? No problem. Moreover, we only use top-of-the-line mounting racks and brackets for our TV mounting service. Like everything we do, we make no compromises on quality.

Advanced Wiring Solutions is not just your run-of-the-mill electrical contractors. From LED lighting installation to network cabling services, we got you covered. From video surveillance installation to TV mounting services, we can handle it. So call now for your consultation.

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  • Joe Avatar

    Very happy with service. Very fast and professional. Went the extra mile without being asked. True to his word and would highly recommend.

    Joe 7/26/2019
  • Kelly Bowers Avatar

    Although we ultimately went with another contractor for our wiring needs, the thing that impressed me about Advanced Wiring Solutions is this; they came on site knowing that they probably weren't going to be able to match the quote we received prior to their arrival and that they were only there as a government required multiple quote provider. The technician took his time to put together a realistic quote of what they would do the work for, again, knowing that they were going to come in higher. Did so regardless of that and then charged way less than I anticipated for the time spent. You won't find a lot of companies that will provide that service and put the time into it to ensure its a quality quote knowing they probably aren't going to get the job.

    We ended up getting stuck with "Hidden charges" from the winning company (and a lot more work on my part) and the quote provided by Advanced Wiring Solutions ended up lower in the end; Lesson learned!!! The experience we had with this company got them added to our very strict approved vendor list and we will be using them for our wiring needs in the future.

    Kelly Bowers 7/02/2019
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